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Compact Keyboards

Compact KeyboardsWe occasionally receive a request to build a "compact" or "custom" keyboard. In the picture is one of those custom keyboards that we called the "KW", so named from the initials of the customer who requested it. As you can see, it is a "squashed" version of our two-hand fully ergonomic keyboard with a front extension for a mouse pad. This follows on from the development of our previous bespoke keyboard (code-named "TJ"), but this "KW" has four more keys and a proprietary miniature programmable PCB called the Teensy. The "Teensy" USB controller is just that - small (just 18mm x 50mm) with a mini USB controller and a small reset button. Despite its size, the Teensy can be programmed with virtually any keyboard layout. Visit for more details of some of the supported letter layouts.